JavaScript developer

Brno, Czech republic

How do we work?

  • our code is written according to properly documented coding guidelines
  • we track the bugs in our code using Sentry
  • our work environment is easily set-up via Docker
  • we do code reviews
  • all changes are tested and our deployments are automatic
  • we use GIT extensively, our code is hosted on GitHub
  • REST API server we work with is developed according to industry standards and its behaviour properly documented
  • we use Backbone and Marionette together with _.underscore and Handlebars
  • we decouple the application logic into modules, we use webpack
  • we write tests, lot of tests - we use Karma together with mocha and Chai
  • our application has to work offline - HTML5 appCache, localStorage, WebSQL and IndexedDB are our daily bread
  • we are into new technologies
  • if you don't know how to use some of these technologies, don't worry, we'll teach you

What do we need from you?

  • critical and pragmatic thinking
  • experience with PHP and MV* frameworks
  • proficiency with GIT
  • understanding of writing automated tests
  • ability to speak and understand English
  • responsibility, determination and endurance

What it would be like?

  • comfy chair and three screens, satisfied?
  • you can wear even sweatpants and singlet at work, no problem with that
  • if you need a small break you can turn on our PS4
  • the development follows one or two week sprints
  • we always have some refreshments in the office and an excellent coffee from Czech roasting plant

What do we offer?

  • young and friendly collective
  • your involvement in shaping the company environment
  • team parties by PS4 with beer and pizza, on go-carts or anything we desire
  • the option to grow with the company
  • salary equal to your skills and experience + possibility of profit share
  • colleagues that are active in programming community

Write us at or use the gigantic call-to-action button bellow if you want to work with us.

I want to join the team!